Another Massive Party at the Dodger!
Celebrating the birthdays of Adam Elliott, Rebecca Silliker, Jason Levesque, and Marc Dacey!!!

Sorry about the blurriness and poor lighting of some of these shots, again... :-(

Troyer and Jeff - Causing a scene... :-)

Ken - Smiling as usual! :-)

Your friendly bartender!

Troyer at the Bar - Everybody knows his name!

Christian - Waiting for his beer...

Cvon and Lisa - Christian doesn't care about the beer anymore... ;-)

Adam - Showing off the tatoos...

Adam - Smiling for the camera! :-)

Jason and Laura - Jason acting as Jason... ;-)

Baggio - Caught off guard... :-)

Santos - Such a towering person... :-)

Paul - Feeling the beer... (Kidding! He's blinking!)

Thomas playing darts...

Adam amazed at his shot! Look at the dart stuck in the other dart!

Joel - Taking a second away from his beer for a quick pose... Thanks Joel! ;-)

Lisa took a picture of my butt and insisted that I put it up... Don't ask me why... :-)

Gabe and Baggio acting as... well... Gabe and Baggio! :-)

Lisa and Phil - Don't they look so *CUTE*!!! :-)

Lisa takes a shot of Matt...

Meiss/Jeff/Mazer/Morehouse - They're plotting something... I can tell...

Frederic - Dazed and confused... :-)

Troyer and Jscan - Playing a computer card game...

Don watches the game in complete fascination... :-)

Haiggas and Jeff - Showing off their drinks... :-)

Hodnett - He just can't stop MOVING!!! :-)

Nancy and Chris - Bolton has "bunny-ears"! :-)